PCSuite Defrag

PCSuite Defrag Pro

Made-to-measure defragmentation


  • Very easy to use
  • Defrag scheduler
  • Varous defrag modes


  • Defragmentation can take a long time
  • Not many advanced options

Very good

PCSuite Defrag Pro is a slick application that gives you various options for defragmenting your computer, keeping it performing to the best of its abilities.

The PCSuite Defrag Pro interface is attractive and easy to use. Hit Analyze to see how defragmented your computer is, and choose Defragment all Disks to sort the problem out. You can have the program automatically shut down your computer when its done, and also ask the defragmentation process to work in the background, so you can get on with other tasks. Just bear in mind that this might slow your computer down.

One of the nice things about PCSuite Defrag Pro is the varied scheduling options. Asking the program to defragment automatically is very user-friendly, and you'll have no problem picking a schedule and tweaking it to your needs. PCSuite Defrag Pro also has a selection of both defrag modes and settings, and displays a nice graphic view of the process taking place.

PCSuite Defrag Pro is pleasant to use and effective and a good app for beginners/intermediate users. That said, there are other defragmentation apps out there that actually do a better job, such as Smart Defrag or Defraggler. Once you're familiar with these apps, the charms of PCSuite Defrag Pro unfortunately seem to fade in to the background a little.

PCSuite Defrag Pro is a good solid defrag app, but in the defragmentation game, there's stronger competition.

PCSuite Defrag


PCSuite Defrag Pro

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